Interesting moral story of three fish | 10 mins read

This is an interesting moral story of three fish who lived in a pond. The pond was situated within a deep forest.
There lived many fishes in the pond. The fishes had a wonderful time since no one knew about the existence of the pond.


The story of three fish

Among hundreds of fish, there lived three fish who were very close friends. The names of the fish were :
 Anagata bidhata, Pratutpannamati & Yadbhavishat.
 These three fish played, quarreled, ate, and slept together.
They would never leave each other’s company.

One sunny morning and the three fish

 One morning, when the fish were playing all around the pond, they heard a voice.
 They heard the voice of a man. Then heard voices of many men and the sound of footsteps.
The voice of one man said –
 “Hey, friend! Look here! Such a big pond…”
Another voice said –
 “Oh yes…you are correct! We never saw this pond before. Did you see, so many fish jumping from one corner to the other?”
The first voice said –
“Yes! Yes! let us come tomorrow with our fishing nets”
The second voice said –
“You are correct brother. We will get lots of fish from this pond”
 Then the sound of the footsteps diminished…

The meeting between the three fishes on the danger

The three fish sat for a meeting.
Anagata bidhata said –
“Friends, let us move out of this pond immediately. As we have heard, these cruel humans will be coming tomorrow to catch us with their nets. Unless we leave this pond immediately, we all will die.
Pratutpannamati said –
“You are correct my friend. But do you know ..what? Let them come tomorrow. The other pond is very near to this one. When we see them approaching this pond, then we can escape.”
Yadbhavishat said –
 “While I have also heard the voices say that they are interested in catching us. But why should we be so coward? This is where we were born and brought up. Why will some cruel humans be successful in driving us away from our own place? Moreover, I am already very tired today. I am feeling so sleepy. Let us discuss in the afternoon.”
All the three discussed and disagreed…
After a lot of discussions, Anagata bidhata thought to himself –
“They are not going to support me. There is no point in explaining them and waste my valuable time”.
He said to the other two fish-
 “Friends, while I have tried to explain my point of view; but it seems you both do not agree. With full respect, I wish to leave this pond immediately.
He bid them goodbye & made his way into another pond…

Early morning events

Pratutpannamati and Yadbhavishat were sleeping happily till some discomfort made them awake.
They woke up to see that the fishermen had arrived.
The fishermen had thrown big nets on the pond and covered the entire pond.
Both Yadbhavishat and Pratutpannamati had underestimated the promptness of the fishermen.
And now, they are in real danger.

The Climax

The fishermen started pulling the net out of the pond.
Yadbhavishat started jumping from one corner of the net to the other…. he jumped nonstop to get himself free of the net.
The nonstop jumping caught the attention of the fishermen.
One fisherman said –
 “Friend! See! It’s such a big fish…”
The other fisherman said –
 “Catch hold of him, immediately….”
And they successfully caught hold of Yadbhavishat and put him inside their fishing basket.
Now, the fishermen pulled the net on the surface of the land & were excited to catch a lot of fish.
Out of many fishes, Pratutpannamati was also caught in the net.
But he was very sharp, ready-minded, and prompt, as his name suggests.
He did not make any movements & lied down on the net like a dead fish.
One fisherman came near the net, collected all the fish that were jumping and moving. Then he observed Pratutpannamati.
Seeing the fish, “dead”, he took him out from the net and threw him on the land near the pond.
Immediately, Pratutpannamati jumped from the land surface to the pond and made his way to safety.

Moral : Interesting moral story of three fish

We get subjected to many negative/stressful situations in our life.
What matters is how we react to the situations.
In this story, all the three fish were subjected to similar situations but each reacted differently.
Anagata bidhata is that trait of personality that could foresee troubles. He could foresee the trouble and hence took necessary actions beforehand.
Pratutpannamati is another trait seen in people who could keep their cool even in the toughest of situations. In this story, Pratutpannamati saw that he was in great danger. But, he did not panic. Instead, he made a plan & promptly acted according to the plan.
The above traits helped save their respective lives.
On the other side, we see another trait in Yadbhavishat. He could neither foresee danger nor could he keep his cool in a demanding situation. Initially, he was stubborn and lazy and hence did not make any alternative plans. Later, he was frightened and was extreme in his reactions.
So, it can be concluded that irrespective of the external factors, we should be capable enough to handle our internal forces better.
We should not be lazy & stubborn. Instead, we should try to foresee any future changes and act accordingly.
Even if we have to face any real challenge, we should control our emotions in a better way and come out victorious from those situations.
Photo credit in the story, interesting moral story of three fish:
Photo by R. Fera from Pexels
Photo by George Becker from Pexels 

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