A story of a brave boy – Bagha Jatin

A story of a brave boy – Bagha Jatin


Have you ever heard of a real-life story where a tiger was killed with a dagger? Read below a story of a brave boy who defeated all odds & finally killed a tiger.


It was perhaps in the year 1900 that a strange incident happened in a village in undivided India. During that time, India was not independent. India was a colony of the British.


It was an incident in a village in the Nadia district of undivided Bengal. A tiger had entered the village and spread panic all across the village. All villagers were scared and were afraid to move out of their homes. Several meetings were organized to decide on the probable steps that need to be taken to tackle the issue.
Finally, Jatin’s cousin brother, Phani decided to kill the tiger. Phani had a gun with him & decided to have the final go.

Action Day

A day was finalized and Jatin, Phani, and the villagers gathered around the place where the tiger appeared a few days back.
Jatin’s brother carried a gun to shoot the tiger and the villagers stood in a group with some sort of weapon. But Jatin neither had a gun nor any other weapon. So, he carried a small knife (dagger or kukri) with him. Jatin was in his teens and everyone at home stopped him from going to the action area.
But Jatin preferred to ignore all warnings and wanted to face the danger.

The decisive moment

Jatin, Phani & all villagers had taken their respective positions and waited for the tiger to appear. Phani aimed his gun towards the jungle.
After waiting for some time, the decisive moment came…
The tiger did appear, but not from the side of the jungle that everyone had anticipated. It appeared from behind a bamboo bush!
Phani raised his gun, aimed at the tiger & shot a bullet.

Target missed

Though Jatin’s brother had fired at the tiger, the bullet missed its target. The bullet touched the tiger’s head & created a bruise.
Seeing the bullet missing its target, the villagers became panic-stricken. They began running here and there. The situation was completely chaotic.
The injury made the tiger even more agitated & seeing Jatin standing in front, it pounced on him.

The final fight

It was the battle for life. A Royal Bengal tiger and a young lad in his early 20s; both fighting the final battle of their life.
The tiger had scratched Jatin all over his body with its paws. Blood was flowing down Jatin’s body, particularly from his legs. The tiger had bitten, scratched & injured Jatin’s legs badly.
But Jatin was someone who was a trained wrestler. He also had tremendous mental as well as physical strength. He continued to stab the tiger with his dagger.
The battle went on, no one came to rescue Jatin from the tiger.


The tiger could not sustain the injuries on its head created due to continuous stabbing with the dagger. Finally, the tiger died in the hands of Jatin.

The title

The injury in Jatin’s legs was severe. Dr. Sarbadhikari was awestruck with Jatin’s heroism & took the responsibility to cure him. At that time, Dr. Suresh Prasad Sarbadhikari was a famous surgeon of British India.
He also published an article about the heroics of Jatin in the English press. The Government of Bengal awarded him a silver shield. The shield had in it engraved a scene of Jatin killing the tiger.
Dr. Sarbadhikari recognized him with the title “Bagha Jatin”. The term “Bagha” in Bengali means Tiger.

Who was Jatin

Jatin was a famous revolutionary, Jatindranath Mukherjee. He was born on 7-Dec 1897. He was the leader of the Jugantar party and ran tremor over the British Government with his revolutionary activities.
The Government could not manage him & announced rewards for capturing him.
It was in Balasore, Odisha that the villagers passed on information about the revolutionaries.
With the help of the information, the Government forces attacked the revolutionary gang led by Bagha Jatin.
Finally, on an open battle with the Government forces, Bagha Jatin breathed his last on 10th September 1915.
The brave boy of Bengal, Bagha Jatin who killed a tiger with a dagger, sacrificed his life for the freedom of the motherland.
Very few kids of today know the sacrifices of the freedom fighters like Bagha Jatin or Binay-Badal-Dinesh or Khudiram-Prafulla Chaki.
In the blog, I will attempt to share such stories so that the kids know, how many & who really sacrificed their life for the smooth life that we are enjoying today.

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