Funny jokes for kids [2 short stories for your children]

Here I share some funny jokes for kids. Hope your kids will like them and you will have a lovely time narrating the stories to your kids.

Funny jokes for Kids #1: Expansion and contraction


Scene 1:

It is Monday morning at school. The teacher entered the class.
All the students said ” Good morning Madam”
Madam said “Good morning! Today we will study Physics.”

Scene 2 :

The teacher said: “Today’s subject is expansion & contraction.
A substance when heated expands and when cooled, it contracts.”

Scene 3:

“Ravi, stand up. Explain expansion and contraction with example.”


Scene 4:

Ravi stood up and said, ” Madam, I have a practical example. We have long vacations in summer and short ones in winter”.

Funny jokes for Kids #2: Who was cleverer?

Tom & Harry were 2 good friends. One day Tom’s mother gave him Rs 50 as pocket money.
Tom thought for a while about where to keep the money so that it is safe.
After thinking for a long time, he decided it wise to bury the Rs 50 note under the ground.
Immediately he executed his idea. Now, to recognize the exact spot, he put up a notice board saying ” Rs 50 is not buried here”
Tom was happy with his execution and went away.
After some time, Harry was going through the same place and saw the notice board where it was written
” Rs 50 is not buried here”
He dug up the ground and found the Rs 50 note. He was very happy to take the money.
But then he thought – “I should do something so that no one suspects me”
So, in the same notice board, he scratched what Tom had written and wrote on his own – “Harry has not taken the money”
2 days later Tom decided to go to the same place to check whether his Rs 50 note was safe.
He dug up the ground and saw that his money was not there.
He was very unhappy and took the notice board to the nearest police station.
Tom informed the policeman about the incident & showed him the notice board.
The policeman saw the notice board where it was written: “Harry has not taken the money” and called upon Harry.
He told Harry to return the Rs 50 note to Tom and said –
“How funny! I am unable to understand who between you two is cleverer?”


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Thanks to Markus Spiske
Thanks to Ben White

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