Bedtime Funny story for kids

Bedtime Funny story for kids

Relax! Before going to bed, relax by telling a bedtime funny story to your Kid.
The entire day, we all are stressed to the brim on account of pressure from different levels. But, we are also gifted with the best gift of God-our kids.
So, before going to bed is the best time to have fun with your kids. And what better than telling them a bedtime funny story.
The story is about a lazy boy – Chiku. He was about 9 years old.
It was a cloudy morning. Little Chiku was lying under a tamarind tree with a hat over his face. Suddenly, he heard his mother calling him –
“Chiku ! where are you? You lazy boy! Again you are sleeping? While your father works so hard in the fields…and you lazy boy…What will I do with you ?”
Chiku rubbed his eyes. He is quite used to these dialogues the whole day. He stretched his arms, yawned, and decided to meet his mother.
“Mother, what happened?” exclaimed Chiku
Mother replied – “Here I give you Rs 100. Go to the market immediately and bring a packet of salt and 5 live crabs.”
As a note of caution, she said –
“Do not play on the way back home. I need to cook and hence come back at the earliest”
Chiku took the money and started his journey for the market place.

Chiku reaches the market



 On reaching the market, Chiku observed that an old lady was selling live crabs. He took a stick and started poking the crabs.
The old lady was startled! She shouted –
“What happened boy? What are you doing with my crabs ?”
“My mother has instructed me to bring live crabs. So, I was checking whether your crabs are live or not” said Chiku.
“Now that I am convinced that these crabs are live, give me 5 crabs,” said Chiku
The old lady tied the 5 crabs and handed over to Chiku. Now he went to another shop for purchasing salt.
He told the shopkeeper –
“If the salt in your shop is salty, give me a small bag of salt”
Then he purchased a packet of salt and started his journey back home. Now, he has with him, 5 live crabs and a small bag of loose salt.

On his way back home

Whistling back home, he ran through the fields & passed through the river banks. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him.
“Hello, Chiku! Where are you going? Come …play with us”
Pointing at the crabs and salt Chiku said –
“No, I need to go back home. My mother is waiting. After I get back home, she will cook.”
“But today is such a nice day Chiku. It is cloudy, let’s play….come on” said his friends.
Now Chiku could not resist himself anymore.
Ok friends. I have a plan in mind.
Untying the crabs he said to them –
“Listen crabs! mother is waiting for you in the kitchen. So walk through the road and go home. I will help you with the direction.
  • Go straight from here
  • Turn left
  • walk straight for 5 minutes and you see a tamarind tree
  • now turn right—> walk for 2 mins and you arrive at our kitchen.
Go! Go! immediately..mother is waiting”
Now what to do with the bag of salt?
Again he applied his mind. He put the bag of salt in the river where the water level was very shallow.
He thought to himself –
” This is a safe place and nobody will be able to spot the salt in this location”
So, he played with his heart out with his friends. When the sun was beginning to set, he remembered to go back home.

Chiku returns home

Chiku’s mother was waiting under the tamarind tree.
She shouted – “You lazy boy! Where is the salt ?”
Chiku said – “Somebody stole it “
His mother said – “Stole salt? Are you trying to fool me ?”
“No mother. I am telling the truth. I had kept it in a safe place”
“Where did you keep it ?”
“I kept it under the river where the water level was shallow so that nobody can trace it. But now, I went to that place and noticed that the cloth bag is there but there is no salt inside” replied Chiku.
Chiku’s mother hit her head against the tree trunk. And then she asked, “And what about the crabs ?”
“Did they not come home? All the 5 crabs were alive mother and so they could walk. I instructed them to come home and report you. I clearly explained them with the direction. It is very surprising that they did not listen to my instructions.” exclaimed Chiku
Chiku’s mother shook with anger. She started hitting her head against the tamarind tree trunk and could not utter any word out of anger. She went back home and slammed the door loudly behind her.
Chiku kept standing and thinking –
“I wonder what went wrong? I do not see any gaps at my end, still, my mother is so angry”

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