Ghost story for Kids – [The Tail of a dog]

Ghost story for Kids – [The Tail of a dog]

Kids prefer listening to ghost stories. Here, I will share a ghost story for kids. But this ghost story is not exactly a scary story. It is funny but more of a moral story.


A poor man needed a lot of money! He went into a forest where a Sanyasi used to meditate. He bowed his head on the feet of the Sanyasi and told him about the need.
The Sanyasi said –
“ Son, I can suggest a solution. But the solution is a bit complicated. I can refer you to a ghost. That ghost can easily solve your problem. But you have to ensure that he gets some work to do all the time. The moment he is without work, he will kill you.”
The man said – “ Don’t worry Baba !… I have lots of work to do! In fact, it would be good for me if that ghost wants to work all the time. Please call the ghost “
The Sanyasi started meditation.
Then he called the ghost & introduced the ghost to the man.

The ghost arrives

The Sanyasi said to the ghost –
“Listen, this man is going to be your master. You will have to work for him. Go with him”.
The ghost told the man – “ Master! Give me some work to do, NOW! Else I will kill you! “
The man had a huge field but did not have any resources to plough the field. So, the man said gladly
“Go and plough this land !”
The ghost said – “Done master!” in a moment’s time
The man was very poor. It was a long time that he ate good food.
He said-
“ Bring me lots of delicious food.“
The ghost said – “Master! Presenting you the plates with all kinds of delicious food. ”
Seeing the speed at which the ghost was doing all his tasks, the man got a bit worried. Then he said –
“ Hello! Make a beautiful palace for me “
“Done! Master ! ” said the ghost
Now the man did not have anything in his mind.
The ghost warned – “Give me something to do, else I will …..kill you !”

The man is scared

Now the man started running….. & he went into the forest to meet the Sanyasi
He told the Sanyasi, “Baba! I don’t need money & pleasure…but help me get rid-off the ghost”
The Sanyasi smiled & said –
“Son, I told you repeatedly about the complication of this offer”.
The man aid –
“I was wrong ! Pardon me…please save my life”.
“Ok. I will give you an idea. You cut the tail of a dog and tell the ghost to straighten the tail of the dog”
In the meantime, the ghost had arrived in that place to kill the man. Just when the ghost was about to pounce on that man, the man ordered the ghost –
“Go and straighten the tail of the dog”.
“Ok master!” said the ghost.
The ghost got engaged in the activity. Every time he straightened the tail of the dog, the tail came back to its original form
Days and months and years went by, but the ghost could not complete his task
The ghost tried numerous times but got mad & finally surrendered to the man.
He said –
“ Keep everything I have given you but help me get out of this crisis. It is impossible for me to straighten the tail of a dog”
Ghost story for Kids - [The Tail of a dog]

Moral of the story

The World around us is like the curly tail of a dog.
Every time you try to straighten it, it will again come back to its original form.
Many problems of the World around happen because of the fanatic mentality.
Nature existed before we were born & will remain to exist even after we are gone.
The fanatic feelings will only give rise to hatred & tensions- nothing more.
If we keep the “Tail of the dog “theory in mind & work selflessly, then the nature around us will be a better place to live in.
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