The best moral story for Kids [Story of the Wish tree]

Are you looking for the best moral story for kids? Today I present before you the story of “The Wish Tree”

The story is simple & you can narrate to the kids’ anytime. For instance, the story is a short one & you can use it as a bedtime story also.

Scene 1:

A tired villager was walking from one village to another on a hot sunny afternoon. He was very tired. He was sweating due to the heat outside. As a result, he was also very thirsty also.

Scene 2:

After walking for a few more miles, he saw a big banyan tree. He decided to take a rest under the tree. The banyan tree was huge and its leaves & branches created a shade for all to relax.

Scene 3 :

While relaxing under the tree, the man in his sub-conscious started thinking :
“The shade under the tree is so cool & pleasant. What if I had got a bed & a pillow to relax! “
A flash of light emerged & he saw that a beautiful bed emerged out of nowhere.
He was surprised! Yet, he was so happy that he jumped into the bed & started relaxing.

Scene 4 :

Now, another thought came to his mind. He thought
“What if I got some good food to eat. I am so hungry”
Again a flash of light! A plate full of delicious food came in front of him.
He was elated!
He was so hungry that he started eating the food.

Scene 5 :

Now he was a happy & satisfied man. He was relaxing on a comfortable bed. His stomach was also full. Now another thought came to his mind!
What was the thought?
He thought “What if a tiger comes here…..”
Before he could finish his thought, a tiger jumped over him & killed him.
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Moral of the story for kids

So, what is the moral of the story and why is this the best moral story for kids?
In the story, the tree under which he was relaxing was a “Wish Tree”. Whatever thoughts had come to his mind, each & everything got materialized.
The story teaches us that nature outside would fulfill everything we wish. However, we need to take care of our thoughts.
The more positive we think, the more optimistic we are – the better.
In the story, the man got benefitted when he was thinking positively. He got himself into trouble the moment he became pessimistic.
The World outside is a mix of both positive and negative. By reading this story, we should be careful to pick the positive ones only.
Why water a complete field which has your own crops as well as weeds. Water only your crops & not the weeds.
Teach the kids from childhood to focus only on the positive elements of life. Eventually, they would grow up into an individual with a strong character.

Photo credit: Thanks to Shaafi Ali

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