Humorous story of a tiger

Humorous story of a tiger

Humorous stories are always relaxing. Kids also like and enjoy humorous stories. Narrating moral stories all the time creates boredom amongst the children. While Tiger stands for courage, strength, power, etc, here I present before you a humorous story of a tiger.


There was a small village inhabited by a small number of villagers. The village was surrounded by mountains on all sides.
On the mountain lived a tiger. The tiger was ferocious. The villagers were afraid of the tiger. Whenever the tiger roared, the villagers used to tremble and went back to their homes. It was difficult to keep domestic animals as many fell prey to the tiger.

The Eventful night

It was a winter night. For the last few days, it was snowing. The tiger could not manage any food for the last few days. He was very hungry and ran down the mountain and reached the village in search of some food. He spotted a house and cam near the window of the house. A lamp was flickering inside the house.
Just as the tiger was preparing to enter the house, suddenly a baby began to cry.
The tiger waited for some time but the baby continued to cry loudly.

The tiger decides to enter the house

While the baby continued crying, the tiger got ready to enter the house.
Suddenly heard a voice of a woman say –
“Keep quiet! Keep quiet! There you see a fox coming. It has big teeth”.
Still, the baby continued crying.
Now, the mother said –
“Keep quiet! Keep quiet! There you see a black bear coming. It has its mouth open”.
Still, the baby continued crying.

The flabbergasted tiger

Now the tiger thought –
“What kind of baby is that! He is neither afraid of fox or bear! Let me peep through the window pane once and see this strange baby.”
Just as he got ready to peep, he heard the lady say –
“Look, baby! There comes the ferocious tiger. It is standing under our window”.
But the baby continued crying.
The tiger thought –
“How could that lady know that I was waiting under the window?” the tiger was so shocked hearing this that he collapsed and fainted.
After some time, the tiger got back to his senses. Fearfully, as he tried to peep through the window to see the strange baby, he heard the mother’s voice once again –
“Here you are…dried persimmons !”
To the tiger’s surprise, the baby stopped crying immediately.
There was absolute silence all around. The tiger could hear his own breathing.
The tiger thought –
“What on earth is a persimmon? It must be more dangerous and powerful than me. The baby did not have any effect on hearing the names of fox, bear, or even me. But as the mother uttered the name of persimmon, the cry stopped immediately”.

The Climax

Just as the worried and scared tiger was engrossed in his thoughts, something heavy fell on his back.
Actually, a thief had entered that house to steal a cow. It was a dark night. The thief jumped from the rooftop thinking that he had jumped over a cow. Actually, by mistake, he landed over that confused and scary tiger.
On the other hand, the tiger thought that it was that ferocious, powerful, dangerous animal-Persimmon that had landed on his back.
The scary tiger started running for his life. He ran with tremendous speed desperately trying to throw the persimmon from his back.
The thief held the back of the tiger tightly thinking that if he falls, the tiger would kill him. So, with all his strength, he held the tiger.
While the tiger was running for his life, he crossed a big banyan tree with drooping prop roots.
The thief, with every strength he had in his hands, jumped and caught hold of one of the prop roots. He was relieved as he escaped from the tiger’s back.
The tiger also heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God. –
“Thank you, God, for saving my life from the dangerous creature-Persimmon”

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