Moral story for kids : A story on faith

Moral story for kids: A story on faith

Moral story for kids introduced at an early age has many advantages :-
  • Moral stories for kids help define the moral character of the child. At an early age, the children learn what they see & hear. A child’s brain is like a blank slate.
  • Narrating good, interesting moral story to a kid, repeatedly gets ingrained in his conscience for the rest of his life.
  • Life is a complicated journey. The lessons from moral stories to kids introduced early helps the child later in his life.

Here, I would introduce a beautiful moral story for kids, which I am sure, the kids would enjoy.


A small boy, Jatil lived with his mother in a village in India. They were very poor. The boy lost his father at an early age. His mother would sew clothes for their living. Slowly Jatil was growing up. His mother wanted to impart education to her son. But they were so poor that arranging for bread and butter for daily survival was itself a challenge.

The boy goes to School

Jatil was admitted to a rural school, which was far away from where they stayed. Jatil’s mother used to sew clothes to earn their living and hence it was not possible for her to take her son to school. Jatil had to go to school all alone. On the way to school, he had to cross a dense forest.
The boy’s worry and the solution
One day Jatil told his mother :
“Mother ! I am afraid of going to school !”
The mother aid –
“Why Jatil ? Did your Sir scold you ?”
Jatil said –
” No mother…Sir does not scold me. He is very good and loves me”
“Then what is the issue? Why are you frightened ?” asked Jatil’s mother
“Mother! While going to school, I have to pass that dense forest. It is so dark. The branches of the trees seem like snakes hanging from the trees. Mother, please take me to school. I cannot go to school alone. All kids are being escorted by their parents. Why don’t you go with me? ” said Jatil
Jatil’s mother said –
“But Jatil, how can I go with you ? I have to sew clothes for our living”
Jatil said –
“When the school gets over, it is so dark in the forest. While I enjoy so much in school with my friends, I get frightened while returning. Don’t we have anyone who can take me to school ?”
Tears rolled down the cheeks of Jatil’s mother.
She could not utter a single word. She closed her eyes & prayed to God Shri Vishnu

The mother finds a solution

After a pause, she said –
“Oh! I forgot completely! You have a brother inside the forest. He will take you to school from tomorrow. “
Jatil was surprised. He asked –
” Brother? My own brother? Does he stay inside the forest? Why does he not stay with us mother? “
“Jatil’s mother said –
“Yes Jatil, he stays inside the forest. He looks after cows inside the forest. But when you call him tomorrow while going to school, he will surely respond. His name is Madhusudan.”
Now Jatil was very happy. The fears have disappeared completely. His innocence has won over his fears. Now he was eager to meet his brother & cannot wait further. While on other days, he used to stay scared for the next day. Now, he was impatiently waiting for the next day to come.
Does Jatil meet his brother?
Jatil was in deep sleep when the music of chirping birds woke him up. The rooster crowed and did his daily duty without failure. Jatil opened his eyes and saw that the sun was rising behind the banyan tree near his hut.
Jatila opened his eyes. Today he was very happy. He got ready for school. He said good bye to his mother and went off to school.
As the mother stood in front of their hut and see his son going to school and slowly disappear, she joined her hands and prayed
“Oh Madhusudan (the other name of Lord Vishnu) ! please take care of my little boy”
said Jatila’s mother.

Jatila enters the forest



As Jatila entered the forest, with all enthusiasm he started calling his brother –
Madhusudan dada! Madhusudan dada! ( Elder brothers are called dada in the concerned culture). I am your small brother – Jatila. Where are you Madhusudan dada? Come and walk with me. I feel afraid to go to school through this dense forest.”
Jatila waited but there was no response.
Again he started calling his brother loudly, but still no response
“Why can’t you listen to me Madhusudan dada? I know you will come because my mother told me so…” said Jatila but still no one responded.
Now Jatila started crying & telling –
“Why can’t you listen to me? Mother cannot be incorrect. Where are you Madhusudan dada ?”

Jatila meets Madusudan dada

At that moment, Jatila heard the beautiful sound of a flute. So sweet was the music that Jatila had never heard in his life.
The music of the flute came closer and closer. Now, Jatila observed that a handsome young boy with a peacock feather on his head approaching him.
The young boy was playing the flute and his face was glowing with happiness.

Jatila inquires

“Are you Madhusudan dada? Did my mother tell me about you? She told me that you will leave your cows in the forest and come to me if I call you.”
“Yes, I am your Madhusudan dada. Don’t worry. I will walk with you through the forest.” The young boy told Jatila with a smile on his face.
Jatila was excited to meet his brother. He told his Madhusudan dada about his school, his home, his mother, and all about his life as both of them traveled through the forest. As they came to the end of the forest path, the young boy stopped.
” Jatila, I will not go further. There is your school. I will go back now” said the young boy with a bright smile on his face.
Jatila said –
“But Madhusudan dada, what will happen in the evening when the school is over? The forest path is very dark and I feel afraid. Will you come in the evening?”
“Call me dear! I will join you and both of us will return back home ” said the young boy
This became a daily routine. Everyday morning and evening, Jatila used to call his big brother. Both of them traveled through the forest. Jatila used to share all his stories of life and what all happened in school. Madhusudan dada listened to his stories and sometimes played wonderful tunes on his flute.

A feast at school

On the way back from school one day, Jatila said –
“Madhusudan dada…tomorrow we have a feast at school. Sir told every one of us to contribute something”
“What do you plan to contribute, Jatila ?” asked Madhusudan dada
“We are very poor. My mother works all day to make our living. I really do not know whether I can contribute anything for the feast”. said a dejected Jatila
“Ask your mother. she will be able to guide you.
Jatila went home and asked his mother.
Jatila’s mother told him that they are very poor. She was very sad but told her son that it is impossible for her to contribute anything to the feast.
“Son, Why don’t you ask your Madhusudan dada. He might be able to help you” said Jatila’s mother.
“He only told me to ask you mother” replied Jatila.
“Is it so? then tell your big brother that I depend entirely on him and nothing more to offer”
said Jatila’s mother and tears made her vision hazy.
On the way to school the next morning, Jatila said to Madhusudan dada that his mother is very poor and she depended entirely on you.
Madhusudan dada smiled and said –
“All right brother. Tell your school teacher that you will bring curd for all the students in your class.”
Jatila was very happy. He said that they are 20 in the class and the pot of curd should be big enough for everyone to share.

The day of the feast

The day of the feast arrived. Jatila on his way to school, waited for his big brother to accompany him and also to bring a big pot of curd for the feast.
As usual, the young boy came playing his flute and handed over a small pot of curd to Jatila and looked at his face.
Pot of curd
Jatila looked sad and said –
“Madhusudan dada, this pot of curd looks so small. We are 20 in the class. This small pot of curd is not enough for all in the class”.
Madhusudan dada looked at Jatila’s face, smiled, and said –
“Give this pot of curd to your teacher. It will be enough for all Jatila”
Jatila reaches school
Jatila went to the class and handed over the pot of curd to his teacher.
Looking at the small pot containing curd, the teacher got very angry. He started scolding Jatila and said –
“What is this Jatila? You promised to bring curd for everyone. While the pot of curd you have brought can feed only 5-6 students. Now that I do not have any back-ups also, you have spoilt the treat. Go and keep it at the corner of the classroom”
The feast was almost over when the teacher remembered about the pot of curd. He called Jatila and said –
” Bring that pot of curd and distribute it in the class. There is no point wasting it. At least a few of your friends might have it”.
Jatile, as per his teacher’s instruction, started distributing the curd.

A strange thing happened

As he served the curd to 5-6 of his friends, a strange thing happened. To his surprise, he observed that the pot of curd became filled once again. As he continued distributing the curd to more and more students, the pot was never getting empty.
To his surprise, Jatila observed that each student had enough curd on their plates. But, the pot that he was holding in his hands was still filled with curd.
As Jatila was awestruck and looking at the pot of curd with amazement, his teacher called him and said –
” How is it possible Jatila? You brought such a small pot of curd but you could distribute it to all the students. Each of the students has enough curds on their plates but still, your pot of curd is full. Tell me from where have you managed this pot of curd !”
“My big brother gave it to me” said innocent Jatila
“Big brother? Where does your brother come from? I did not know that you have a big brother…Don’t give me any story. Tell me the truth” shouted the teacher
Jatila told this teacher about Madhusudan dada and narrated about him.
“Where does he live, Jatila? I would like to meet your Madhusudan dada. Will you take me to meet him ?” said the teacher softly
“Sure Sir! In the evening when I go home, I call him and he accompanies me till I reach home. Today you can come with me to meet him” said Jatila.

The Climax

Jatila and his teacher reached the first. Jatila started calling his big brother –
“Madhusudan dada ! Madhusudan dada! “
He called again and again, but no one came.
His teacher looked at him in suspicion and said –
I feel that you are not speaking the truth. You do not have any big brother. You have cooked up a story and narrated it to me”
Jatila tried to convince his teacher but to no avail. His teacher started blaming him for not telling the truth.
Jatila started crying and said –
“Believe me Sir. I have a big brother and his name is Madhusudan. He loves me so much that he gave me this pot of curd because we are very poor and could not manage anything for the feast. He accompanies me daily while coming to school and going back home”.
“You are not telling the truth !” shouted the teacher.
Jatila started crying loudly and said –
“Oh, Madhusudan dada! You must come to me, else I will be labeled as a liar”

The divine intervention

Just then came a beautiful melody of a flute…
“There, There he is….he is coming! My Madhusudan dada is coming Sir…” said Jatila
Both the teacher and Jatila eagerly waited to meet Madhusudan dada but no one came
From somewhere they heard a beautiful voice –
“Jatila! Your teacher will need a long time before he could see me. It is because of your mother’s pure faith in me and your innocence and faith in your mother that you could see me. Your mother had begged me to take care of you. That is the reason I walked with you every day”.
Jatila understood that Madhusudan dada was none other than Lord Vishnu himself.
Madhusudan dada
Photo credit : Francesco Ungaro from Pexels
Source of the moral story for kids : Tales & Parables of Sri Ramkrishna

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