What Are the Best Bedtime Stories You’ve Made Up For Your Kids?

What Are the Best Bedtime Stories You’ve Made Up For Your Kids?

You spend the day in a positive way & summarize the day’s work as a bedtime story for your kid.
My Kid is 5 years old and every night his demands are simple. I will have to narrate a new bedtime story.
Telling new bedtime stories daily looks simple but actually is a complex job.
If you are also facing the same problem, how do you counter it? What might be the way out?
What Are the Best Bedtime Stories You've Made Up For Your Kids
One solution is pretty simple, you can go through my blog and you are safe 🙂
The other solution that I would share here is as under :
One day I thought, what do I do to keep my kid happy?
While listening to bedtime stories is a good practice, but the stock of the stories should be huge…else you are at risk 🙂
I try to spend the day in a positive way. Then narrate the incidences of the day in a simple way with some spices so that it generates interest.

# Bedtime story: Capsule 1

Today I will share my visit to an eco-park early in the morning. As a part of my morning walk routine, I visit that park in winter to see migratory birds.
One morning, I got up from bed to discover that it was a foggy morning. Before stepping out of home, I could not estimate that it was a thick fog. Objects within a handful of distance were also difficult to see.
However, I took off for my destination. When I reached the eco-park, watching migratory birds was a distant dream. The fog was so thick that the trees were difficult to spot. There is a big lake where the migratory birds perch. But with so thick fog, it was difficult to spot them.
So, with such a weather condition, I came back home disappointed.
I clicked a few photos which I could share with my kid.
But, just showing foggy morning photos were not a big hit strategy, but not a failure also.
I sat with my Kid & showed him some selected photos & added some spices along with…

The Positives …

 The positives that I got by telling him the bedtime story :
  • He got interested in nature
  • He understood how foggy morning looks like
  • He was explained the safety measures that one should undertake during fog

# Bedtime story: Capsule 2

My next attempt at that eco-park was successful.
It was early in the morning that I entered the park.
The chirping sounds of beautiful birds made my day
As I went inside, it was sheer frustration.
I could hear the lovely sounds of birds but in the first 45 minutes, I could not see a single bird.
After roaming here and there in search of birds, I spotted a beautiful kingfisher.
I set my camera lens to perfection…
Just as I was getting ready to click, a Haaahaaahaaaa sound from laughing club members made the bird fly away.
Frustrated, dejected … I decided to come back home when a beautiful sound of a bird made me look back.
It was a purple sunbird.
The sunbird was sitting on one flower & suckling nectar.
I set my camera….
It flew & sat on a flower just near me…
The rest was like a dream. It gave me so many poses to click.
I spent maybe 30 minutes on the beautiful sunbird only.
As I looked up, I spotted a couple of green bee-eaters. The bee-eater was feeding on an insect. 3-4 other bee-eaters appeared in some time and again disappeared.
In the next 1 hour was very exciting.
A small tailorbird made me busy because it was very fast.
Many birds were spotted & I could successfully take their photographs.
Best_Bedtime_stories_Purple Sunbird
I came back home with lots of satisfaction & loads of photographs.
Now, it was time to narrate the story to my kid.
I made a selection of the top few photographs & showed them to him. Then made a short sweet story out of the morning incidences and narrated to him.

The Positives …

 The positives that I got by telling him the bedtime story :

  • He saw lots of beautiful birds which he had never seen before
  • He learned the names of the birds
  • Migratory birds come during winter & have a different habitat, he knew that these birds are different from the local ones.
  • He learned the feeding habits of different birds
  • Overall, it was an initial step to love nature.


Photo credit Iulia Mihailov

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